Kaltz Ltd was founded in 2000 with a mission to produce and distribute communications directories, totally free of charge to the public sector. A number of large publishers were, at this time, producing communication directories for different areas of the public sector but were all charging end users significant sums for these publications. These media are crucial to enable procurement staff to access the details of counterparts in order that best practice is passed on in the pursuit of best value for the taxpayer.

We successfully produced our first media “The National NHS Trust Procurement Directory” in 2001 and since then we have gone on to produce communications directories for other areas of the Public Sector.

In 2003 we published our first “National Schools Procurement Directory” listing headteachers and bursars in all State Secondary and Independent schools as well as Free, Studio and Special Educational Needs Schools in the UK, with the recent addition of Multi Academy Trusts in 2017.

The “Local Government Procurement Directory” was launched in 2005 listing contact details of management and procurement staff within all councils.

In 2007, we published the “Emergency Services Procurement Directory” which lists contact details of managers throughout all areas of the emergency services.

We published our first “Tertiary Education Procurement Directory” in September 2011, this media lists all contact details of management and procurement staff with higher education institutions throughout the UK.

In 2019, we released the first edition of our “UK Fleet & Transport Procurement Directory” containing a dedicated publication of details for decision makers within this area of the public sector.

In 2020, we merged the Emergency Services Procurement Directory into our Local Government Procurement Directory, creating a more comprehensive communications resource media.

We have also launched the latest generation of our website which contains all of the details held in all of our most recent directories. We hope this proves to be an extremely useful online tool in assisting Public Sector staff to communicate easily and for approved suppliers to develop their public sector accounts.

All of our media still retains the original ethos of being supplied free of charge to the public sector and we are very proud to have produced and distributed over 1,250,000 directories at no cost to the end user.