Government Procurement

£300 billions + spend on procuring products and services and delivering public works project each year. Mostly through awarded contracts but £billions spent below tender thresholds.

Engaging with Government

Winning government contracts is more than just ticking boxes or filling in paperwork. It's about developing relationships and increasing brand awareness with key decision-makers.
We provide you with the tools to win government business.
We provide free hard-copy publications, and online directories to the UK public sector. These resources include staff listings and management hierarchies of government buyers and decision makers – people that can put business your way. Our goal is to provide a "one-stop resource" that allows you to:
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How does it work?

Our tools are designed to be used on a daily basis for communication and sourcing suppliers for government procurement. They contain information and advertisements from companies that offer relevant products and services to the Health, Secondary and Tertiary Education, Local Government and Fleet & Transport sectors.

Not only does this provide an excellent advertising platform for suppliers looking to expand their business in these markets, but also to decision-makers to be inspired by the brands, products and services that stand to help them provide the best solutions for the tax payer.

In addition we provide you with these listings of staff, buyers and decision makers in government. People that can put business your way so you can proactively reach out and win government business.


Sales & Marketing


When you advertise in any of our five publications, you’ll gain access to the staff listings in the publication(s) you feature. This valuable data can help you identify the key players in your industry and gain a competitive edge in helping you navigate the public sector contract and tender landscape and to pick up work under tender thresholds.


There is no singular "government market," it’s crucial to focus on specific organisations and individuals who will likely require your products, services and expertise. Establishing these relationships and fostering trust are key elements in expanding your government business and getting ahead of the competition.


Our platform offers tools to proactively engage the right individuals:


Advertising Opportunities



Amplify your business presence among government buyers using:


Our platform boasts numerous key benefits for navigating Public Sector Contract and Tender Opportunities:

What we offer

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