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The National Schools Procurement Directory is a one-stop ‘bible’ which nearly every school across the country uses. As an educational supplier it’s a must to be featured in it. In order to drive your business forward schools need to know about you and the guide provides the perfect opportunity for this.

Claire Young, (BBC One Apprentice Finalist, Series 5)

School Speakers

Thank you for our copy of The National NHS Procurement Directory. I have taken time out to look through the contents of the directory, and have been extremely impressed with the information that is held in here. This directory will prove to be an invaluable resource in our department, and will save us a great deal of time and effort when trying to trace details of Directors etc. My only regret is I didn’t know about the directory sooner.

Jacqueline Hall - Counter Fraud Service

Northern & Yorkshire NHS Regional Team

You have no idea how many staff in Trusts throughout the country could use a copy of this as there are many wasted manhours and phonecalls, let alone frustration, in trying to obtain information on other Trusts… It is extremely well laid out and the sections make it very easy to quickly find information. I cannot praise you and your team high enough for your efforts… If there were an equivalent bestsellers list for the NHS you would walk it.

Ian Sturrock

Tayside University Hospitals Trust

Having had the opportunity to look at this publication, there is no doubt that it will be an extremely useful tool as we go about our business. I have already had cause to use the directory in contacting Trusts outside of our main area in regard to procurement projects of a similar nature to that of our own… My colleagues are of a similar opinion in their appraisal of the Directory.

A. Hawkins

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

The information is displayed easily for the reader. The directory is divided into two regions, regional and national, that helps the reader to find the information they require with ease. The information for individual NHS Trusts is well laid out with useful contact details of each trust displayed… It also displays a wide range of informative advertising for your readers.

Clarissa Hudson

Department of Health

Thanks again for your prompt response to my request for the latest directory. I find this free source of information a valuable and handy tool to assist NHS managers (not just in purchasing) to locate their respective counterparts in other Trusts. This can only assist cross functional links and benchmarking comparisons.

V. Pross

Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust

We would confirm that we will take the usual advert in the March/April addition. I noticed on two recent visits, one to Queen Mary’s London and one to Birmingham Heartland’s Hospital, that your NHS Directory was on the desks of the Supply office rather ‘Dog Eared’ and bound with tape, certainly proving how well they are used in the NHS

Roy Jones

MD Environmental Hygiene Products Ltd

I write to you to commend you for the format of the reference book and the content. This has been an invaluable reference point for me, as I have joined the NHS in England, from Northern Ireland. I make regular reference to the book for address information of colleagues and suppliers e.g. Will Beck, Stryker UK Ltd, GE Medical Systems, RS components to name but a few. I would hope that this book becomes a regular (updated) item as I and my team make good use of it. I wish you continued support and success for this publication.

Eugene Cooke - Head of Procurement

Royal Berkshire and Battle NHS

My partner and I (and our PAs!) used your Procurement Directory on many occasions during our employment in the NHS as Director of Finance and Chief Executive respectively. I hope that you are able to continue the free provision of this invaluable source of information to the NHS. Since leaving the NHS and establishing our consultancy firm, we have continued to find your directory the most comprehensive and up-to-date publication of its type for contacting senior staff in the NHS.

Karen Clarke

First Consultancy for Healthcare

Our staff in the emergency patient communications centre find this directory invaluable in their day to day work when they have to check for addresses and telephone numbers of the vast number of NHS Trusts. Thank you once again.

Shirley Calvert - Corporate Services

Sussex Ambulance Service